New Playmates and Projects

New Rescue Plants and Bohemian Style

Brought some new plant friends home from work on Friday and I can’t wait to get dirt under my fingernails getting them re-potted and fertilized. Poor things have been toiling away trying to grow under artificial light for a few months and I’ve been itching for some more plant babies since I moved last month. The new house is bigger and it makes the jungle feel a bit sparse so when I saw these cuties waiting for a home I thought, ‘As usual, the universe provides.’

They’re temporarily sitting on a pair of Asian style tables that I picked up at a thrift store. I was in the process of moving and even though the tables were priced at $15 each, I hesitated to buy them at the time. We were packing and I didn’t have room for them but when I heard they were giving 50% off  furniture at the store that day I scooped them up! Seriously, two sturdy wood tables with interesting details and only in need of minor sanding for $15? Yes please! I lived with them stacked on each other in the kitchen with the moving boxes for a couple of weeks but it was worth it.

Aisian style tables furniture project and Nara

The tables have some awesome details but are in need of a little love. That’s why Nara is in the picture, she’s providing the love. While I really enjoy wood furniture that shows some history, so I’m not too fussy about refinishing, there are some scribbles on the tops that can easily be removed by a light sanding. Part of me wants to just oil the wood after sanding and let the tables continue to patina over time but another part of me wants to funky them up with paint. This is always the dilemma, considering the room they’re in I think natural will win this time.

Asain Thrift Rehab Table  Corner Detail

Check out those beautiful brass corner brackets!  Leave them shiny and polished or treat them with some ammonia or vinegar to age them? Personally,  I love surfaces to either be well textured or slick as licorice, contrast adds drama and after all, your home is the theatre where your life story unfolds.

Regardless, rehabbing the tables will have to wait a bit since I’m still unpacking, and they’re still lovely as is. However, my new green friends will be getting some immediate attention and I think they deserve a vacation on the porch.

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