Car Graphic blk on whtWelcome to Gypsy Shaman. I’m Susan Kelli and I can be found roaming the foothills and mountains of the Canadian Rockies. I started this blog to inspire people to live true to their soul’s calling. I will be posting lots of inspiration so be sure to follow the blog and I also offer some soul healing work you can find in the services page.

I was moved to do this after having a good old nervous breakdown. You see, I’m a soulful creative person at heart, in the mid-80s was exploring shamanism, ancient goddess cultures and my own spiritual calling through research and art while attending the Alberta College of Art and Design.

After college I designed and, for the next 5 years, facilitated a continuing education course called Your Creative Soul. During this time I displayed tapestries in art shows in the United States and had a piece published in the book “Fiber Arts Design 6”. Finding that the creative process was increasing my intuitive abilities I also began doing tarot, palm and energy readings, sometimes privately and sometimes at public events. Whew, lots of work but it all fed my soul.

Even though I had these rich life experiences I found myself working in a corporate environment. Still grateful to be getting on the job business training and achieving success building a profitable business in a managerial role, I found myself out of alignment with my values, which ultimately led to that not very pretty breakdown that I mentioned earlier.

What seemed to be a traumatic event at the time proved to be a gift since it led me back to the path that resonates with me. Rebuilding from mental and physical collapse, I followed an alternative path of healing in addition to the prescribed conventional routes. I studied with a shaman practitioner in rural North/Central Alberta, took part in a purification lodge and attended sacred ceremonies throughout Alberta. I studied Reiki and received my Reiki Master certification and currently am working my way through Medical Qi Gong courses, with the goal of being a Qi Gong teacher.

Because of these experiences I recognized how out of balance many people’s lives are and it motivated me to serve others by inspiring them to release their fears and trauma, seek freedom in the present moment and live true to their soul’s calling.

If you’re inspired to share your love or personal experience, please feel free to leave a comment.

Peace and Love,

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